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How to foreclose finnable loan Amount 11 steps

How to close finnable loan Amount

Many Of People Wants to close Finnable Loan Amount but Unfortunately Finnable have no any Office In City and not a any number to contact directly to Finnable Agent for discuss ” How To Foreclose Finnable Loan Amount “ Today I will discuss with screenshot How Can You Close Your Loan Amount Directly to Finnable App. Its Very Simple Method.

But remember that you should not close your Loan Amount between 0 to 6 months firstly you should pay 0 to 6 months EMIs then you will eligible for Foreclose Loan Amount. If your loan time period it below to 6 months so kindly wait for 6th months then you will proceed for the close the amount.

Remember: Finnable is Third Party App for providing you a Loan in High Rate Interest.


So Follow this Simple Steps to Close Loan Amount:


      1) Download Finnable App on Google playstore & Install then Login with  Registered Moblie Number 

  2) Click “View More Details” show in Like Screenshot

  3) Click On the “Close The Loan”

  4) Check your Total Pay Amount like Screenshot then “Continue”

  5) Select the reason for loan closure then Tap “Yes” then Continue

   6) Highly Recommended Choose Only “Online Payment”

          7) then Click to ” Proceed to Pay”

      8) Remember that Enter Your only Registered Mobile Number then “Proceed”

9)  Choose Your Payment Mode Highly Recommended choose Net Banking Service for payment without Fail

    10) Now you can check your Loan Status is “Loan Closer Requested”  Once your payment is completed you loan status will updated 


  11) you can check your Loan Status after your next EMI won’t Charged and you have wait for atleast 15 days for NOC you can download your NOC available on app after 15 days.

 kindly note when you do all steps that don’t panic for fast interface just relax and wait for automatically interface.


We also attached youtube video if you want to more understand kindly click below link:

Finnable Loan


Here is the Short Information regarding To Foreclose The Loan Amount By App

1. Download the app from this link: Download Finnable App

2. Log in using the phone number registered with your loan.

3. Select the loan you wish to close and tap “View More Details.”

4. Tap “Close Loan” and choose your preferred payment method.

5. Follow the on-screen instructions diligently to finalize the closure. Once payment is verified, expect to receive the No Objection Certificate (NOC) within 14 working days. During this period, no EMIs will be debited. If you need a foreclosure letter for this loan, you can download it from the app.

Finnable is third Paty Loan provider Company they are take high interest rate per annum I also take a personal Loan by Finnable on that time I dont know about app which are including high rate when I received the loan amount then I check though Loan app its show  a 29.99% per annum its too friends when you take any kind of loan in easy way firstly checkout all of thing about lender you can also check by some people review also.


 The above video also show the how can foreclose the loan amount. and you can belive to me because I am also the person who took the loan the when I felt  I paid a too much high interest rate then I was took decision for closing the loan amount after closing requested submitted I received NOC Not Objection Certificate in Registered Email and also in Finnable App. I hope you understood very well how to close your loan by finnable app.

if you have any query about this you can contact me by email.


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